2016 Price book

FrontCover2016 OCI Contract price book is now on line and also available in hard copy. Our new price books are dated March 1, 2016, you can contact us or your local representative to get your copy today.

Harmony and TUXLITE

610710Harmony and TUXLITE have been re-engineered to make them an even better value without increasing our pricing. Harmony and TUXLITE are now available in new 14 color vinyl Quick Ship Program.


giza2020GIZA: Now on Giza are the following series — Entourage, Trilogy, Protégé, Response, Arrange, Symphony, Flux, Tux, Harmony, TUXLITE, and Occasional Tables.

New Grade 1 Fabric

DOC081716New Grade 1 Fabric: We have introduced two new Grade 1 fabric patterns, Bleeker and Hudson. Bleeker offers a color pallet of 21 choices and Hudson offers 18 choices.

New Grade 1 Vinyl

dillonNew Grade 1 Vinyl: The new Grade 1 vinyl offering is from Culp and is called Dillon. Dillon offers 14 colors to choose from.

Power Options

Power Options: We now offer a power option for the following series, Symphony, Flair, Flux, Tux, Imperial, Tahoe, Style and TUXLITE. The power unit consists of 1 power module and 2 USB ports.